DIY Succulent Wall Terrarium

succulent wall terrarium

DIY Succulent Wall Terrarium

I recently developed a love for succulents and cacti, most likely because I haven’t actually killed them yet… but that’s neither here nor there. A few weeks ago my love and I took a weekend to get out of town, and I stumbled across a little garden shop that seemed to focus primarily on succulents, where I bought a hanging wall terrarium. (Don’t worry, you can find them all over amazon for around $10-$15, like this one!) 

Initially I had thought it was going to be a pain to put together. Honestly, I thought my hands were too big, I was going to break it and it was going to be a bloody mess, but it wasn’t! 

What I Used:succulent terrarium supplies

  • Clay pebbles
  • Small stones
  • Cactus soil
  • Moss
  • 2 succulents (less or more depending on size and desire)


  1. Put a decent layer of the clay pebbles on the bottom. This helps with the drainage so the roots of the plants don’t become over watered and mold, thus killing your plant. I wish I had gotten more, but you live you learn. 
  2. Add a second layer with the small stones, saving a few for later. I shook it around a little to make sure the clay and stones were settled before adding soil.
  3. Add a layer good, but thin layer of cactus soil, you’ll add more in a minute. 
  4. Place your succulents in the arrangement you want. This is where things got tricky. I ended up using two kabob skewers like chopsticks to help move them around until I was happy.
  5. Add more soil as you get the plants placed in your desired spot, make sure the soil is covering the roots.
  6. I used the extra pebbles to put near the base of the succulents to help them stand until they settled in.
  7. Add a top layer of moss for prettiness and boom, you’re done!
  8. Hit a nail into the wall, hang and enjoy!

DIY succulent wall terrariumI’d ideally like to get at least two more once we move. I am in love with how the one looks and once we have more wall space, I think a trifecta would be perfect! 

All together I spent about $45, which includes the glass terrarium, which was over twice the price than Amazon. I would estimate them to be about $30 give or take. 


Have you done anything with succulents or cacti? How about another terrarium? I’d love to see, share in the comments below!


  1. Ooh, this is lovely! I’ve always wanted one, but couldn’t really convince myself to pony up the money for a ready-made one. Now I can make a cute succulent terrarium myself 🙂

    1. Author

      That was my problem too! I always thought pretttyyy… and expensive. But once I found the stuff it was sooo easy, and inexpensive! I want to make more haha.
      If you do make one, please let me know how it turns out! I’d love to see!

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