Rookie Mom’s Guide to Opening Day & Surviving Little League

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Rookie Mom’s Guide to Opening Day & Surviving Little League

Happy Saturday! I hope your day is full of sunshine and wonder. This is my first truly scheduled post, where I’m really hoping it works out, because today, we’re at the fields. It’s opening day, and we are sooo excited! 

I love that my kids are involved in athletic activities – especially the boys as they’ve had to learn to work together and be more than brothers, but teammates as well. There have been days of struggle. And for little miss, this is her first game. I almost missed it, since opening day was a week early this year and I had planned a little get away, but, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Let me tell you about last year – last year was our first year, and I was the rookie little league mom and a nervous wreck. Opening day, all the teams come together at the fields and everyone plays starting at 10am and I believe the last game was at 5pm. In this time it’s volunteer sign ups, control their excitement, picture day and any final paperwork. Plus, the fact it’s “new”, so the game day routine isn’t just there yet, so where’s your glove? Can I use my own bat? So many questions, so many people, so many things.

This year, I’m a little more prepared. You can’t use your bat, your glove and cup are in the bag and for the love of my behind, I brought our camping chairs! Yes, those dreaded bleachers are the worst. Always. And this year we have two different games to attend.

So, if you’re just joining the world of little league with your kid(s), I have some advice. Some advice I sooo wish someone would’ve left me. A little note for the new moms of little lea
gue. Really, I think I should market this! Anywho – what do you really need and what did I learn.



Like I said, the bleachers hurt the bum. I don’t know how they baseball mom little league tips, ideas and survivalconsider these to be humane, but who am I to say? You’ve got at least an hour or two to go, so you may as well get comfy. 

  • Camping/fold out chairs. Oooh, how these saved not only my behind, but also my back. Kick back, relax, grab a nice cold gatorate/water/whatever (you have a cup holder, have a drink!) and enjoy the game.
  • Blanket. So, there’s a hit or miss on warmth here. Last year, I ended up with a pretty bad sunburn and sweltering. The next game was a balmy 50 and windy… I keep the blanket, you never know. (I also keep a rain jacket, poncho, umbrella… weather is unpredictable, but I’m not going to suffer!)
  • Proper Apparel. Like I said, weather, right? I keep a hoodie/jacket, pair of socks & shoes, etc. in the car. 
    • NOTE: I keep these things for the kids as well. Little miss was cheering right next to me, so her comfort was the first focus, but you should be comfy too!


Ultimately this depends on your field. I’ve never been told snacks/drinks weren’t allowed – but I don’t want to misguide you, so I’ll just say, potentially somewhere that’s a thing. Here however, it is not. In fact, I think only 3 games actually had a concession stand.

  • Cooler. I toted along a cooler with drinks and snacks. A lot of times we were skipping dinner and heading from school, home to get our gear and out to the fields. They could eat along the way, little miss could snack and they had something for afterwards right away. 
  • Sensible Snacks. Obviously, I didn’t bring a rack of ribs – cubed up cheese and pepperoni/sausage, fruit & veggies with dip, chips/crackers, stuff like this. Easy things that can go right back in the fridge if they’re not gone. (Two boys and their friends, it was always gone.)
  • Drinks. I pack away a few Gatorade and waters, especially for whatever kids are playing. Plus, some for myself and whoever else. 

Those Other Things

  • Camera. It’s opening day, of course you’re going to want to take a few pictures! 
  • Entertainment. Mainly, if you have another kid or more with you. Little miss is pretty good about keeping calm, but I did make sure to bring along something for her to do; coloring book, small toys, etc.
  • Those Pom Poms. Maybe not physically (c’mon mom!), but bring your pep, charisma and support along with you! Cheer those babies on!
  • Sun Screen. ‘Cause ooooh baby. This year is looking like it’ll be pretty cloudy (boo!), however last year was full of warmth and sunshine! Which also meant I burnt like a leftover french fry!
  • Bug Spray. The bugs haven’t been bad so far this year, but depending where you are in the season, bring the spray. If nothing else, at least you’re prepared!

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  1. This is really helpful advice! So far my kids have only taken dance classes, which have been inside, but my husband and I were just talking about the ball games becoming a possibility soon. 🙂

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