Tools I use for journaling, planning, planners and bullet journal

I’ve always been a paper planner type of gal. Having tried multiple digital systems, I realized analog works best for me. Over the years I’ve used numerous different planners – regular every day planners, disc bound, a binder, traveler’s notebook, bullet journal system, a regular old notebook, etc. Currently, I’m using variations of the bullet journal system and my own style in a Leuchtturm 1917 – but no matter what you’re using as your planner, I highly recommed these products. These are the things I keep at my desk or in my bag to use in my planner regularly. The Basics There are things youRead More →

Sure to please Easter basket ideas that aren't candy!

Easter is quickly approaching and people are on the hunt for Easter basket ideas. Every year I see people posting their kids Easter baskets on Facebook, and wow. Some of them look more like Christmas, which whatevs. Their life, not mine. Then there’s the candy – oh, my. The baskets are over flowing with 3 giant chocolate bunnies, 68 plastic eggs full of various candy, and don’t forget the 5 packs of Cadbury eggs, because EASTER BUNNY LOVES CANDY! No, Easter Bunny loves carrots. Cadbury eggs are disgusting (sorry, I’m not natural.) and nobody, child or grown needs to eat a 14 pound chocolate anything.Read More →

succulent wall terrarium

I recently developed a love for succulents and cacti, most likely because I haven’t actually killed them yet… but that’s neither here nor there. A few weeks ago my love and I took a weekend to get out of town, and I stumbled across a little garden shop that seemed to focus primarily on succulents, where I bought a hanging wall terrarium. (Don’t worry, you can find them all over amazon for around $10-$15, like this one!)  Initially I had thought it was going to be a pain to put together. Honestly, I thought my hands were too big, I was going to break itRead More →

DIY rag wreaths for spring or Easter

These DIY rag wreaths are super colorful, cute and easy to make. They add a pretty, fun touch of Easter or spring to any home decor. I will be honest with you, it’s not a 15 minute deal, they take a little bit of time to get done, but I find them pretty relaxing and a little addictive. Materials 18 inch wreath wire (I’ve also seen where people use wire hangers. I feel like they’d get bent too easily if you store them, plus I didn’t own any so…) 2 yards of your choice in fabric. Cut into 6-8 inch long x 1 inch wideRead More →

spring trililums

Spring is finally upon us, those first scents of fresh, crisp air welcoming us as the midday sun. Warmth beacons at our windows, doors and kisses our skin after a long bitter winter. It’s in every way refreshing, so here are a few ways to welcome spring into your home as well!   Open the Windows! First and foremost, the second that frost is gone and that warm air starts making it’s way your direction, pop those puppies open! This is one of the most refreshing things in the world. By letting that fresh air into your house is like a breath of life intoRead More →

visit your local farmers market and fresh coffee

I discovered my adoration for the farmers market last summer, when we finally hit the “big” one in town. I ended up going home with sunflowers, fresh produce and a fabulous cup of coffee. Oh, and a small obsession with the farmers market. While we were on vacation we pulled over to stop at a few along the way, it solidified my love.  Why is the Farmers Market so Fantastic? 1. It’s local. You’re supporting the local people and your community. That itself is a pretty fantastic thing. 2. Freshness! When you think produce, you want fresh, right? Well, what’s fresher than some carrots uprooted from theRead More →

copyright for bloggers

When I first started blogging, I joined quite a few blog related groups so I could soak up as much information as humanly possible. There’s this one I question I see popping up over and over, it’s “Can I use this picture from ______?” Let that blank be a company, website, google images, social media, whatever. It’s the question. A good one at that, however, I saw answers that were often untrue. So, let’s chat about copyright for just a moment!   What is copyright & how does it work? Copyright is the legal ownership to the original creator/owner of materials such as artwork, music,Read More →

You need an aloe plant

Aloe plants are pretty much the bees knees when it comes the botanical world. They have multiple properties that are medically magical (I’m talking about you sunburns, general burns, eczema, and aging!) They are chocked full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They’re considered a “purifying” plant for the air you breathe, and let’s be real, fresh air is pretty magical. Oh, and they’re pretty much immortal, to the point even I haven’t killed one. And finally, succulents are all the rage, right? Right!? Yes, the lovely aloe is a succulent. Intrigued yet? Let me tell you a little more about these things.   Aloe, FreshRead More →