5 Waterfalls to Chase in Munising, MI

Upper Peninsula Wagner Falls in Munising, Michigan

5 Waterfalls to Chase in Munising, MI

Whoever said “don’t go chasing waterfalls” was all sorts of wrong. Rivers and lakes are swell, but waterfalls are where

the real magic is at! Michigan’s upper peninsula is home to hundreds of waterfalls, small and large. Most notably Tahquamenon Falls, but don’t let that one keep you from visiting many of the others.

Last Sunday I took a little day trip with pops, leaving around 4:30am and not returning until a little after 8pm. I had mapped out 4 waterfalls I wanted to reach that day, one ended up being put on a future list, however we found two more! Here are 5 fantastic waterfalls we found around Munising that are totally worth the stop!5 waterfalls to chase in Munising, Michigan #upmichigan #michigan #waterfalls


Sable Falls

Technically, this one is about an hour or so outside of Munising, in Grand Marais but it was first on my map. If you don’t mind the drive (or hit it on the way in or out), it is definitely worth the trip. Overall, this was the longest “hike” as well, mostly steps, but overall wasn’t too bad.

Miners Falls

Miners Falls is probably one of the more known falls – or at least the one I had heard the most about, so whichever way that works. I think this was also my favorite. The viewing deck left you feeling the mist from the falls on your face, and even with the bit of chill, it was still refreshing and magical.

Munising, Michigan Miners Falls UP

Not a waterfall, but also consider stopping at the Miners Castle Point to get a great view of Miners Castle. Personally, I preferred the upper viewing point, where you can see everything. However, pops preferred the lower. The cool thing about the lower is you’re right there in/on Miners Castle. 

Miners Castle Outlook

Munising Falls

This was one of the surprise falls we found on our way into town to grab lunch. There was a sign
along the road, so we backtracked the mile or so to check it out. And it definitely did not disappoint.

If you do decide to check out this spot, I’m going to recommend spring. The falls weren’t rushing like the first two, so I imagine later in the year it’ll be smaller with less water leaving it a little less stellar. (Plus, there aren’t as many people in the spring, so BONUS!)

Munising Falls in Munising, Michigan

Wagner Falls

This was the third one I had planned, and I am so happy we made it. These falls are again an easy walk through the woods – and are very impressive. Pictures (mine or others I saw) simply don’t do the size of these falls justice. 

Upper Peninsula Wagner Falls in Munising, Michigan

Alger Falls

The second of the two surprise falls we found, we actually stumbled upon this one only because I forgot to turn the GPS navigation to Wagner Falls on. Long story short, we ended up missing our turn and stumbled here. If you’re not in the mood for a walk, this is the easiest as it was literally along side the road. No need to even get out of your car. Though, I mean for experience reasons, get out, stretch your legs and gaze.

Alger Falls outside of Munising, Michigan

Munising, Michigan – More Than Just Waterfalls

While the waterfalls in Munising, Michigan are indeed incredible and aplenty (including more not even listed here) – there’s more! Hiking, boat tours, wineries, cross country skiing, view lighthouses and more. 

One of my “bucket list” items is to kayak the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore, which I’m hoping to either this summer or 2018 at the latest!


  1. Those are some great pictures of the waterfalls! Which one is your favorite? I will have to do some hikes up there someday.

  2. Those waterfalls are absolutely gorgeous! I bet you had a fun time photographing them, I know I would have! We have a couple around here, but none that you can get a good enough shot of (trees block the view and you can’t get closer due to it being protected).

  3. Oh my days, these waterfalls are beautiful Tori! I have got into walking and finding pretty places, would be amazing to see waterfalls on these walks. Love the photos

    Stacey x

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! It’s really is so nice and peaceful to just wander seeing what you can find!

    1. Author

      Thanks! Isn’t it great being so close to so many amazing places? I love it! I’m thinking maybe another trip this weekend if it’s nice.

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