The 9-5, 7 Reasons I love My Job & Hello New Beginnings

Reasons I Love My Job, Why Do You?

The 9-5, 7 Reasons I love My Job & Hello New Beginnings

          Anybody that’s had a job knows that sometimes working sucks. For reasons ranging from the hours, the people, the job itself. It can be exhausting, stressful, boring or just a terrible place to be. I think any job has these days. Hopefully just days.

          Why am I writing this, because today is my final day in my position, and I’m both sad and excited. Sad because for the past year and a half I’ve poured my blood, sweat and tears (literally and regularly) into this position and area of the company, managing my area and building relationships, both working and personal. Excited, because after this 3 day weekend (WHAT!?) I begin a new chapter of my time with this company. Which means learning new things, growing and expanding what I already do and a change in scenery.

          But I’m not here to tell you about my job (that’d be kinda boring, it’s not that exciting), but I want to tell you why I love my job. AND if you work, I want you to think about why you love your job, even if you hate it.



          It is sooo easy for us to get bogged down with the stresses, negativity, frustration, boredom, etc. with our daily jobs that we forget the good things. For me, this past week has been exhausting – between regular going ons and prepping my position for my exit, we’ve had a lot going on atop that. Late nights, crazy shifts, to-do lists longer than my arm. It’s been chaos and I’ll be honest, it’s sucked. But, between that, there’s so much good I’ve been thinking of.

          Plus, one of my August goals is to focus on the good more than the bad and stop being such a pessimist.


I love my job because…

Reasons I Love My Job, Why Do You?

  1. No Man Left Behind. No matter who is feuding with who, who dislikes who, and whatever other high school shenanigans we have going on – when push comes to shove we’re a team and we work together to get everything done.
  2. My Work Mates Rock. I’m not even kidding. I literally work with my friends now, we may fight, but we laugh – a lot! Luckily, we all have a sense of humor. Thinking right now, I can’t pick out a person that I haven’t had a joke or belly hurting laugh with.
  3. We’re Family. I’ve had multiple jobs, but here, if someone is going through something, we are there for each other. Always. Differences are pushed aside, and we care, love and support one another in any way we possibly can.
  4. We Care. I’ve gone to other places within this company, and there is actually one I will never return to again. We care about our facility, which means a ton. We care about keeping it clean (thank you!), each others safety and bringing up/dealing with issues within our “home”.
  5. My Hours. I love my morning hours with my (generally) set days off. I also like that when things come up they are flexible with changing the hours or days I need off.
  6. I’m Paid Well and Have Benefits. So, I mean, I love my job and my people – but I can tell you, even if I didn’t my benefits/pay are good enough to keep me around. Plus, PAID VACATION. Who doesn’t get happy at those words?
  7. I’m Not Miserable. Shortly before I started here, I had a job where I literally cried before every shift because I didn’t want to go. It was horrible.

I’m not going to tell you this is my dream job, but until my dreams pan out, I am happy here.

     And for the future, I am so excited about this change. I’m hoping and believe it will lead to bigger and better things for me and my future here. I’m also severely nervous because, OMGosh, new people! D:

     Oh, and I get to cross one more thing of my 101 Things list, which also makes me happy!


So, what’s something you love about your job!?

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