Host Your Own Art & Wine Night

How to host your own art and wine party

Host Your Own Art & Wine Night

           Even for those of us that don’t love social situations (hello there), a girls night out can be fantastic. Events like: art & wine, paint & sip, cork & canvas, etc. can be super fun. (I mean, art, wine, food… obviously I’m there.)

          I recently attended a plant & sip, which instead of painting we planted succulents. I loved it so much, I signed up for the second event they had planned, and it was even better. Each one I attend, I get more and more comfortable and am able to enjoy myself.

Another successful plant & sip @seasonsofthenorth with @alyinwonderland_ 🌵🍷💚

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          With all that raving, why am I even writing this whole host your own ordeal? Well, these events do have a few draw backs outside of being awesome.

  1. I’m going to throw this one out first because they can get pricy. Ranging from an average of 30-60 dollars where I live. And that doesn’t include drinks, food, etc. (Though some do offer a glass, snack, etc.)
  2. Times/Dates. You get to pick the time, date and place. Which if you have kids, work, or other obligations can be a huge factor. 6pm seems to be a common time which is generally inconvenient for me most days. (I will note, it is a generally good time and I understand why.)
  3. Their Choice. So, the date and time fits your schedule, the price is in your budget annnnd you really don’t want to do that painting. So, there goes another art and wine you won’t be attending.

NOTE: There are definitely some pros to attending an art & wine event, I’ll probably write about that later this week.

And here’s why hosting your own can be better:

  1. Time, Date & Choice. Of course, you get to set it all.
  2. I’ll say you’re probably going to spend around the same amount, especially if you get all the supplies. But here’s the thing – it covers the supplies, food, drinks, etc. Rather than the event PLUS everything else.
  3. The People. The first one I went to my first thought was “these are all the moms I avoid at the school.” Not specifically them, but their tribe. I was sooo uncomfortable. When you host your own, you pick the people, so you’re sure to have a great time with friends, family, people you are sure to like.


How to Host Your Own Art & Wine Night:

Who. Where. When. Who are you inviting, when and where are you going to host it? I’d say your friends/family and your home is most likely. But you can also do co-workers, kids friends (I’d nix the wine), your couple friends (couples night), etc. You could also do it at the park (kids can play), beach (how relaxing), or other places you may have available.

Personally: we do it at either my best friends house or mine. The kids have things to do and we can hang out in the kitchen doing our thing. Plus, the wine stays cold.

What Are You Creating? This is probably the best part is because you can pick anything. When we first started our paint nights, it was painting. But then we made other things: the Easter Rag Wreath, paint/not paint water mugs, etc. Find something you’ll all have fun making. (We also find things that need less ability, so we can have our “I don’t do creativity” friends join in.)

Personally: Pinterest is a huge help here to find references and ideas – there are so many cute things to find. You can create a group board so you can all save ideas and find something everyone enjoys.

ADDED NOTE: I will be sharing how to DIY your own Paint/Not Paint soon!

Wine and Snacks. Second best part, you’re not limited and/or it doesn’t cost a bunch extra. The same as any other party, find some good food and snacks, grab a few bottles of wine. 

Personally: I get whatever snacks sound good: chips and make a dip, cheesecake, whatever. It’s usually my best friend and I (plus another person or two) and luckily we like the same wine. HOWEVER, wine drinkers can be picky – so if you don’t know, grab two or three different kinds.

OR have everyone bring a bottle and a snack to pass, even better!

Around Christmas we also drank peppermint vodka and hot cocoa, which was perfect! It doesn’t have to be wine specifically, if your tribe prefers beer or shots of tequila, go with that.


Supplies.  Depending how much arts and crafts stuff you already own, you may need to pick up some supplies. Make a list and grab extras, just in case!

As a general outline of what you’ll need to paint and sip the night away:

  • paint & paint brushes
  • palettes (or less fancy, but more budget friendly paper plates)
  • cups for water
  • paper towels (for drying brushes, spills, etc.)
  • easels (if you wanna be extra fancy or are making this a thing. you can order sets of 4 from Amazon)
  • old news paper or a cheap table cover to cover (and protect!) your table from any messes

Personally: There is no personally, I shop the way everyone else does. Hastily and unexcited about it. 

Have Fun. This is the 100% most important part! The whole point of this is to enjoy yourself and have fun with your friends.


Now I have some art & wine questions for you! Okay? 

What were some of your struggles?

AND more importantly, share what you created please!?

If you haven’t hosted your own, have you attended one!? Share your experience and masterpiece!


Also, can we take a side second to appreciate the flask. Apparently I ran out of wine glasses (!?!?!?!???) so it was this or a can of wine 😂 . Someone please tell me they’ve lost something and had to improvise somehow in the comments?!

How to host your own art and wine party

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