7 Easy Habit Changes to Adopt for Earth Day.

7 Easy Habit Changes to Adopt for Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day!

Every year I use Earth Day as a chance to educate my children on the importance of loving our planet, being eco-friendly and the impact we have on it. Both negatively by being hereEasy habits to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle
 and how we can add a positive impact to our environment. Each year is a little different, as they grow I try to teach them more in depth and valuable information. Then there is our Earth Day celebration which includes: picking up trash, purging our home (donating or upcycling items we no longer use), recycling garbage, starting our compost pile, planting a tree and finalizing our “garden” plans.
As a family, we’ve made some huge changes in our lifestyles over the past year. From adopting minimalism and trying to be more mindful throughout our days. We’re also making an effort to be more environmentally conscious. Here are a few super easy ways anybody can go green for our Earth.

Reusable Bags.

I recently starting using reusable bags for grocery shopping. I had tried once before, but there were two problems – I always forgot it. I guess that would be the biggest, and I seemed to need 10+ bags when I went shopping. 
Now that I’m at the grocery store a few times a week, one bag works just dandy. I keep it in my car/backpack so it’s with me as soon as I get to the store. No more forgetting, no more needing a bunch of bags. 
Plus, they have a ton of other uses, farmer’s markets, beach, park, etc. 

Shop Locally.

Shopping and buying local products has a big impact on the environment. When you’re buying locally grown/made items, you’re eliminating the travel and pollution caused from their journey from wherever they come from to where you’re buying them. Plus, you’re helping your local economy grow! Which is AWESOME! (Check out why you should visit your farmers market.)

Natural Cleaning Products.

I only just recently started this, in fact I’m still using some harmful chemicals today. However, our family was recently hit with the flu. The entire time all I wanted to do was disinfect and clean our house. I had been thinking about going with DIY & natural cleaners for a while, just hadn’t had the time to fully research. Well, while on the mend I did. I did some research and ordered some essential oils to get us started. The initial cost can be a bit, however in the long run it balances out to be much cheaper than the weekly lysol and windex. A big thing for me is clorox wipes, so I’m going to try some DIY methods soon.

Cut the Plastic.

We’ve cut a lot of plastic out of our lives, last time I had to get containers I opted to spend the bit extra for glass rather than the plastic, but I still found myself buying plastic cups and plates for the kids. I feel like their at an age where maybe we can move on from this. (Oh, I hope! I hate them anyway!) 
Another big plastic problem we had was water bottles. I despise the water where we currently live, however my dad has delicious water. I’m trying to make the habit of taking some jugs and filling them with water when we’re there rather than buying bottled water. I also decided to invest in a water bottle for us all, this way I’m not buying another bottle at work every day and their kids can take theirs outside/to practice/games/etc.

Eco-Friendly Home Products.

There are sooo many options for eco-friendly home products it’s overwhelming. This is a change we’re slowly making, since completely removing and replacing things in our home can be costly if done all at once. However, for Earth Day they’re each getting bamboo toothbrushes (and we can discuss the effects of plastic more thoroughly.) My next purchase is going to be paperless paper towels. We go through entirely too much paper towel in this house, so I think for our family this would be one of our bigger impacts overall.


First, only washing your clothes when needed. If you’ve only worn your jeans for a few hours, you can probably skip the wash this time. Additionally, using cold water to wash and hang drying your laundry when possible can made a huge difference. In the summer this is our preferred method of washing clothes. My kids love getting to hang them and run through them as they dry.

Give Eco-Friendly Gifts

You can’t force everybody to care. I know, I’ve tried. But you can opt for eco-friendly gifts.


What are some of the ways you’ve gone green?

Or if you haven’t, what’s holding you back?


  1. These are great suggestions and I’m happy to say we’re doing a lot of these. If your kids still need plates and cups, consider recycled plastic cups and plates. They’re fun and so easy to clean. That’s what we’ve been using for a while now. Same with recycled plastic toys.

    1. Author

      Good for you! 🙂
      I’m hoping we can make our way from plastic all together. Not just because it’s better, but I genuinely dislike plastic plates and cups. Now that they’re older, I’m ultimately hoping to purchase a nice matching or at least complimenting set.

    1. Author

      Thanks! And totally agree. You can carry sooo much more and they don’t tear. If nothing else, those two convinced me!

  2. I need to make some of these changes! They are so simple and easy to do, not sure why we haven’t. I need to get some reusable bags and shop more locally! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Author

      Good luck! Once you get in the habit, it’s easy and so convenient. It’s just remembering them that’s a struggle.
      Plus side to canvas bags, they carry wayyy more than a regular grocery bag, they’re easier to carry, they’re cute and they don’t tear! Some extra incentive if it helps haha 🙂

  3. Bringing my own reusable bags to the grocery store has definitely helped cut down on all the plastic bags my family uses! And, any time we get plastic bags, we re-use them as poop pick-up bags for our dog. I also have switched to a more plant-based life style.

    1. Author

      Yup! I admit, I still forget mine sometimes – but, while not ideal, they do come in handy to have around.
      Kids just started swim lessons at school, and I had to scrounge some up for their swim clothes to go in their backpack.

  4. Great tips! So easy to do, we should be doing them already!

    1. Author

      Agreed – super simple, but so easily overlooked.

  5. I’ve been using more and more homemade/natural cleaning products, and honestly they seem to work better!

    1. Author

      Oh, that is awesome and makes me even more excited! And I needed to hear it, there have been some bumpy moments trying to find what works/doesn’t, so this comment is definitely perfect to come across today! Thanks!

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