How to have a fabulous staycation

So, I decided to take my birthweek off work because well, I deserve it! I had no big plans, kids are still in school and my love is still working so I was super excited to have a few days to myself. It’s a rarity, and here’s what I learned on the first two days of staycation: Idle hands get my antsy…. and 3 new cacti I’m not a sit around and do nothing gal. I get bored pretty easily.  It got me thinking, summer is coming and that means vacations for some people and staycations for others! After the first few days, 3 cactiRead More →

Upper Peninsula Wagner Falls in Munising, Michigan

Whoever said “don’t go chasing waterfalls” was all sorts of wrong. Rivers and lakes are swell, but waterfalls are where the real magic is at! Michigan’s upper peninsula is home to hundreds of waterfalls, small and large. Most notably Tahquamenon Falls, but don’t let that one keep you from visiting many of the others. Last Sunday I took a little day trip with pops, leaving around 4:30am and not returning until a little after 8pm. I had mapped out 4 waterfalls I wanted to reach that day, one ended up being put on a future list, however we found two more! Here are 5 fantasticRead More →

visit your local farmers market and fresh coffee

I discovered my adoration for the farmers market last summer, when we finally hit the “big” one in town. I ended up going home with sunflowers, fresh produce and a fabulous cup of coffee. Oh, and a small obsession with the farmers market. While we were on vacation we pulled over to stop at a few along the way, it solidified my love.  Why is the Farmers Market so Fantastic? 1. It’s local. You’re supporting the local people and your community. That itself is a pretty fantastic thing. 2. Freshness! When you think produce, you want fresh, right? Well, what’s fresher than some carrots uprooted from theRead More →

beautiful second waterfall in Ocqueoc Falls, Michigan

While we technically don’t leave for our vacation until Monday, yesterday turned out to be quite an adventure in itself. We started off hitting the local farmers market in the morning and later found ourselves swimming in Ocqueoc Falls!  Originally we had talked about visiting Tahquamenon Falls for the day, but with the weather switching between thunder storms and scattered showers, we decided to opt for somewhere with less of a walk, so off we went! Ocqueoc Falls are Michigan’s largest public falls in the lower peninsula. While they’re smaller than those in the upper peninsula, they are definitely worth visiting! Not only is theRead More →

Maybe I’m alone, but I define wandering and adventuring to be slightly different (most of the time). I think of an adventure to be bigger, more planned and a bit longer. Wandering, on the other hand I think of a day trip with no exact plan or destination, but a drive to see where I end up and what I can find. (Hello Tunnel of Trees or the great U.P.) But ultimately, whatever you want to call it, here are my “day trip” wandering essentials.   A Map. I don’t know about where you live, but my service can get pretty spotty here, sometimes zero.Read More →