Rocking Motherhood Challenge - 10 ways I'm rocking being a mom

I was going to wait until Mother’s Day to post my Rocking Motherhood Challenge, but I also wanted to be able to tag all of the awesome mamas before Mother’s Day – so, I picked today, boy the younger is now the big 1-0. Excuse me while I go sob, I’ll be back with you in just a minute.   Okay, I’m back. So, to why we’re here. A few weeks ago I was tagged by the Annie over at Life As Annie P in the Rocking Motherhood Challenge. The idea, to encourage mothers to take a look at all the amazing things their doing andRead More →

baseball mom little league tips, ideas and survival

Happy Saturday! I hope your day is full of sunshine and wonder. This is my first truly scheduled post, where I’m really hoping it works out, because today, we’re at the fields. It’s opening day, and we are sooo excited!  I love that my kids are involved in athletic activities – especially the boys as they’ve had to learn to work together and be more than brothers, but teammates as well. There have been days of struggle. And for little miss, this is her first game. I almost missed it, since opening day was a week early this year and I had planned a little getRead More →

Sure to please Easter basket ideas that aren't candy!

Easter is quickly approaching and people are on the hunt for Easter basket ideas. Every year I see people posting their kids Easter baskets on Facebook, and wow. Some of them look more like Christmas, which whatevs. Their life, not mine. Then there’s the candy – oh, my. The baskets are over flowing with 3 giant chocolate bunnies, 68 plastic eggs full of various candy, and don’t forget the 5 packs of Cadbury eggs, because EASTER BUNNY LOVES CANDY! No, Easter Bunny loves carrots. Cadbury eggs are disgusting (sorry, I’m not natural.) and nobody, child or grown needs to eat a 14 pound chocolate anything.Read More →

how to get your kids to read

March is finally here, which means spring AND National Reading Month! Each year, my kids celebrate at school with all sorts of fun projects and events. So whether you’re also prepping to kick off reading month or just trying to get your child(ren) to dig reading, here are a few tips that make it more fun and get your kids reading. Let Them Pick Their Book! This is probably the biggest and most important part of all of this! Are you going to read a book you don’t like? Maybe. Are you going to get excited about it? No. Letting them pick their books isRead More →

While looking through some old photos I stumbled upon these diy butterflies we made out of coffee filters a couple summers ago – and I’m thinking I may want to do it again, if my kids aren’t too “grown up” for crafts with mama 😉 And I guess if they are, this is for you anyways!   I don’t remember exactly how they came about – to be honest I’m pretty sure it was some failed flowers and a backup plan, but I LOVED these cute little butterflies. It actually became a community project outside and we probably had about thirty of them hanging aroundRead More →

I think most of us can agree writing is a pretty important part of life. Not necessarily stories, but the ability to properly string together your thoughts and ideas into sensible words and sentences, not only during formative schooling years, but throughout life. Then, I also believe imagination and creativity are valuable assets to carry into adulthood and throughout life as well. And finally, as a bonus, being able to work with the “pieces” that are provided, learning to adapt and puzzle solve to find a successful solution is pretty necessary too. How much of that sounds fun? No? Oh, well okay. How about writingRead More →

Sitting in the sweltering heat a few days after school ended we realized as a family, we had no idea what we were doing this summer. No specific idea of what we wanted, but I knew video games were definitely not what we were doing. (am I the only one annoyed by video game sounds?) I scooped up a piece of paper and pen, shouted screens off and got their attention. I mean, they thought they were in trouble, but that’s not the point right now. I asked them seriously, what do you want to do this summer? Once we got past things like ‘goRead More →