Reasons I Love My Job, Why Do You?

          Anybody that’s had a job knows that sometimes working sucks. For reasons ranging from the hours, the people, the job itself. It can be exhausting, stressful, boring or just a terrible place to be. I think any job has these days. Hopefully just days.           Why am I writing this, because today is my final day in my position, and I’m both sad and excited. Sad because for the past year and a half I’ve poured my blood, sweat and tears (literally and regularly) into this position and area of the company, managing my area and building relationships, both working and personal. Excited, becauseRead More →

remember the things that make you happy, 10 things that make me happy

Lexie at Mommy Home Manager recently challenged me to list 10 things that make me happy. I love the idea of this challenge, it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos around us we forget happiness and push aside things that make us, well us. So, here it is, 10 things in no particular order that make me happy! Morning Coffee. Since I wake up and head straight to work, I don’t get to sit down and sip my coffee in the morning. This is a little slice of bliss I love to enjoy before the kids wake up, whether on my porch orRead More →

Welcome May, from myself and Coffee Beans and Bliss!

I can’t believe it’s already May! It seems like April just started a few days ago, Coffee Beans and Bliss was just starting and suddenly it’s over. I wanted to start a pillar post each month to review, revise and something to look forward to, so here’s my first go. Bear with me as I try to make it sensible. I assure you, this one probably won’t be.    April Review. Like I said, April flew by. I’ll admit April was pretty tough for me on a personal level, so I’m alright with it being over. On brighter notes, these things happened. Kids opening dayRead More →

Another one to cross of my 101 things list and I’m in loooove! The only problem I found at the farmer’s market, I leave for a week on Monday so I couldn’t buy ALL the fresh produce! Buuut – I did have a wonderful 20 minutes, obtaining some delicious coffee, black berries, carrots and some HUGE mammoth sunflowers!   A few days ago I posted on a local buy, trade, sell group looking for local(-ish) farmer’s markets – this one was one of the many mentioned. Many! I couldn’t believe how many different ones there were, and I intend to visit as many as IRead More →

  Falling in Love I was about eleven years old when I got my first camera. Photography was an instantaneous love, my first love. I took it everywhere with me. Every flower in sight was shot, my friends became models. My dog became an endangered animal in the Sahara that was to be the epitome of my photographic lifetime. Being a  photographer quickly became my dream. The Truth is Often Disappointing One day my dad took me for ice cream with a side of let’s talk about actuality. Simply, he told me photography was a wonderful hobby and he was glad I found an interestRead More →