How to host your own art and wine party

           Even for those of us that don’t love social situations (hello there), a girls night out can be fantastic. Events like: art & wine, paint & sip, cork & canvas, etc. can be super fun. (I mean, art, wine, food… obviously I’m there.)           I recently attended a plant & sip, which instead of painting we planted succulents. I loved it so much, I signed up for the second event they had planned, and it was even better. Each one I attend, I get more and more comfortable and am able to enjoy myself. Another successful plant & sip @seasonsofthenorth with @alyinwonderland_ 🌵🍷💚 ARead More →

How to have a fabulous staycation

So, I decided to take my birthweek off work because well, I deserve it! I had no big plans, kids are still in school and my love is still working so I was super excited to have a few days to myself. It’s a rarity, and here’s what I learned on the first two days of staycation: Idle hands get my antsy…. and 3 new cacti I’m not a sit around and do nothing gal. I get bored pretty easily.  It got me thinking, summer is coming and that means vacations for some people and staycations for others! After the first few days, 3 cactiRead More →

Happy Earth Day! Every year I use Earth Day as a chance to educate my children on the importance of loving our planet, being eco-friendly and the impact we have on it. Both negatively by being here  and how we can add a positive impact to our environment. Each year is a little different, as they grow I try to teach them more in depth and valuable information. Then there is our Earth Day celebration which includes: picking up trash, purging our home (donating or upcycling items we no longer use), recycling garbage, starting our compost pile, planting a tree and finalizing our “garden” plans.  Read More →

visit your local farmers market and fresh coffee

I discovered my adoration for the farmers market last summer, when we finally hit the “big” one in town. I ended up going home with sunflowers, fresh produce and a fabulous cup of coffee. Oh, and a small obsession with the farmers market. While we were on vacation we pulled over to stop at a few along the way, it solidified my love.  Why is the Farmers Market so Fantastic? 1. It’s local. You’re supporting the local people and your community. That itself is a pretty fantastic thing. 2. Freshness! When you think produce, you want fresh, right? Well, what’s fresher than some carrots uprooted from theRead More →

Your mind is the most important part of your body. Your brain controls everything about you and your mental health has an effect on everything you do. In today’s world many of us are living such busy schedules we forget to take some time out of the day to take care of ourselves and our minds. Here are a few ways to slow down, take care of yourself and free your mind. Write it Out. The old fashioned way with a pen on paper. Get away from the key strokes, taps and screen glare. Let yourself write freely whatever you wish; journaling, poetry, short storiesRead More →