succulent wall terrarium

I recently developed a love for succulents and cacti, most likely because I haven’t actually killed them yet… but that’s neither here nor there. A few weeks ago my love and I took a weekend to get out of town, and I stumbled across a little garden shop that seemed to focus primarily on succulents, where I bought a hanging wall terrarium. (Don’t worry, you can find them all over amazon for around $10-$15, like this one!)  Initially I had thought it was going to be a pain to put together. Honestly, I thought my hands were too big, I was going to break itRead More →

DIY rag wreaths for spring or Easter

These DIY rag wreaths are super colorful, cute and easy to make. They add a pretty, fun touch of Easter or spring to any home decor. I will be honest with you, it’s not a 15 minute deal, they take a little bit of time to get done, but I find them pretty relaxing and a little addictive. Materials 18 inch wreath wire (I’ve also seen where people use wire hangers. I feel like they’d get bent too easily if you store them, plus I didn’t own any so…) 2 yards of your choice in fabric. Cut into 6-8 inch long x 1 inch wideRead More →

Earth Day is one of the most underrated holidays I try to get my children psyched up about and understand how important the Earth is. This year we did a few crafts by making Earth Cakepops and Earth Crayons. Here’s how you make them! For some reason I’ve had a cakepop kit since last year D= I decided this would be a good way to use them [also my kids have been hounding me about them!] – we made them as the box instructed, then took blue and green frosting on top of the white chocolate to make little Earths [and clouds with white frostingRead More →