Tools I use for journaling, planning, planners and bullet journal

I’ve always been a paper planner type of gal. Having tried multiple digital systems, I realized analog works best for me. Over the years I’ve used numerous different planners – regular every day planners, disc bound, a binder, traveler’s notebook, bullet journal system, a regular old notebook, etc. Currently, I’m using variations of the bullet journal system and my own style in a Leuchtturm 1917 – but no matter what you’re using as your planner, I highly recommed these products. These are the things I keep at my desk or in my bag to use in my planner regularly. The Basics There are things youRead More →

How to use your bullet journal for blogging, tracking stats, ideas, goals and writing.

Despite the vast amount of blogs about using a bullet journal, when I began looking for posts about how to use your BuJo for blogging, things got pretty slim. Although I’m still looking for that happy routine and the ability to actually write my ideas out, I’ve slowly been adding a few things to my notebook to help my blogging along. Here is how I use my bullet journal for blogging. 1. Ideas I tried everything from analog to digital to organize my ideas. Apps, memo pads, separate notebooks, index cards… finally I gave up and decided to go an easy (albeit less organized) method.Read More →

Christmas December Bullet Journal Layout Spread

Christmas is upon us, and every year I’m an unorganized wreck! But no, not this year! I’ll be the first to tell you and scream from the rooftops that my bullet journal has made a huge impact on many aspects of my life. It’s more than a planner, but first and foremost, it’s a productivity tool. In some of the various pages/groups I follow, I see people asking about Christmas spreads, ideas and generally how to incorporate Christmas into their bullet journal. So here are some of mine I did last weekend, and a list of other fantastic ideas that I may or may notRead More →

Planner peace. Analog planning. Creativity. Lists. Creative planning. Organization. Notebook. Inspiration. To-do. Freedom. Productivity. Do any of theses words set a spark in your brain? If so, then a bullet journal may just be your thing. I discovered “bullet journaling” was an actual thing about 6 months ago, while I used this system (loosely) for years, learning how to optimize it, customization and creative freedom in included has only made my love for it greater. I’ve been trying to write this post for a few months now, but there was always something missing and I got lost in my own excitement and wandering mind –Read More →