Do I sound like a crazy lady if I tell you’ve I’ve been writing blog posts for years, they just never had a blog to belong to? I’ve tried blogging a number of times, it only really worked on out my deviantART page years ago – but I loved it. Writing articles, sharing ideas, things I’ve done, etc. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed, I just didn’t know “how”. But here we are, a year into “steady” blogging, and it’s been a life changer! Here are five big impacts blogging has had and how blogging has changed my life. I Live More Intentionally There’sRead More →

lessons I learned my first year of blogging

In May 2016, on a whim I launched My Blissful Adventure – full of excitement, dreams and delusions! My plan was less than stellar (and not so much a plan at all). I was going to write, about everything. I was going to explore new places and try new things. It was all going to fall into place. I tell myself that lie so much, I actually believe it sometimes. I know that’s not how things worked, but my passion was going to drive me, and that was all I needed. (Note: that’s a new lie.)    I had day dreams of sitting at my deskRead More →