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When I first started blogging, I joined quite a few blog related groups so I could soak up as much information as humanly possible. There’s this one I question I see popping up over and over, it’s “Can I use this picture from ______?” Let that blank be a company, website, google images, social media, whatever. It’s the question. A good one at that, however, I saw answers that were often untrue. So, let’s chat about copyright for just a moment!   What is copyright & how does it work? Copyright is the legal ownership to the original creator/owner of materials such as artwork, music,Read More →

The moments waiting for paint to try, holding onto inspiration

I always want my children to find, feel and chase their passions, to thrive on inspiration and follow their heads, hearts and dreams. I want them to experience, learn, grow and form into the individuals they’re meant to be.   For Christmas I wanted to give them at least one thing to encourage the things they’re passionate about. Trystan got sheet music for his sax. Chase got a skateboard for his future broken arm athletics Izzy got a an art set and a set of watercolors for her art. And I get to document their lives through a lens, I am falling more and moreRead More →

prima watercolor confections review pastel dreams tin

Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums to work with, and my top for painting, so I had been wanting to get a travel set to take with me as well as something easy to get out/put away on lazy days. It was one of those things I wanted, however, I never bought it. There was always something else I needed or wanted over it. Prima Watercolor Confections sets had been showing up in my Amazon recommendations since at least summer, so I finally caved and added them to my cart. Prima offers five (that I know of) sets of watercolors: The Classics, Pastel Dreams,Read More →

Bentley puppy photography dog pictures

October has been a busy month – fall colors, photography, last chance for adventures, a hectic work schedule, kids getting in the swing of school, Halloween prep and planning, and our upcoming mini-vacation – blogging kinda got lost in the shuffle… however, I also became an auntie! Well, my sister got a puppy… and because of what a fabulous auntie I am… this happened while I was baby sitting!   OH! Shh, I’m not supposed to tell, but sometime next summer I’m gonna be an auntie to a human baby! I cannot wait! SaveRead More →

It all happened so quickly, late one night while planning in Lola I noticed my inserts were running low on pages. “No big deal,” I said to myself. I scooped up my laptop, popped ‘er open and headed to Etsy to grab a few from my trustworthy and favorite shops, only to find it temporarily closed! Temporary, I thought to myself… how long is that? “I can’t live like this!” I cried to my love. “She holds me together, she keeps our life together! Do you know what a wreck I will become if I don’t have Lola keeping me on track? She’s my support,Read More →

Northern Michigan Gray Fox

I could never quite narrow it down to one reason why I prefer living outside the city limits and between trees rather than between buildings. There’s a sense of freedom you get when you can do whatever you want. When space allows your privacy. Add in big yards, fast fields and all the back yard adventures you may imagine! There are a lot of reasons – and a big one is also the visitors I get in my yards. Deer. Rabbits. A skunk family that has been polite enough not to spray my house, children, car or myself (at 6 am when I disrupt them tryingRead More →