5 Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life

5 Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life

                Do I sound like a crazy lady if I tell you’ve I’ve been writing blog posts for years, they just never had a blog to belong to? I’ve tried blogging a number of times, it only really worked on out my deviantART page years ago – but I loved it. Writing articles, sharing ideas, things I’ve done, etc. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed, I just didn’t know “how”. But here we are, a year into “steady” blogging, and it’s been a life changer! Here are five big impacts blogging has had and how blogging has changed my life.

I Live More Intentionally

There’s something about actually writing about and sharing parts of your life that creates a sort of awareness to your living and lifestyle. I am much more dedicated to finding my happiness, self-discovery, learning and growing as a person that I ever was before.

It’s Changed My Social Anxiety

I’m not saying I’m gonna go join a huge party full of strangers anytime soon – but I am much more comfortable with who I am and who I am becoming. I feel more confident in voicing my thoughts, opinions and being excited about things I am passionate about. Not just blogging, but I’ve become more comfortable expressing ideas, giving input and voicing my opinions in my “real life” since I started blogging as well. I feel I can articulate and process thoughts better when speaking as well.

I’m Inspired & Motivated.

I procrastinate way less than I did before, obviously because I’m on a deadline now! I’m still pretty bad about it, but when I get an idea or inspiration, I’m far more motivated to actually research, learn and accomplish something because I have the excitement and opportunity to write about it. While this is still something I need to work on, ask anyone around me, it’s greatly improved.

I’m Curious & Crave Discovery

I’ve always been a curious person, I like knowing things, even if they’re useless things. Now I’m more interested in learning further so I can accurately write about it here. I don’t want to spread misinformation or babble aimlessly without adding any value.

On a second note, I also crave to discover new things. New things are what keeps this whole shindig running, right? If I don’t discover something new to write about, then what am I going to do? Keep reposting? Of course not, that’s boring! So I’m excited to discover something to add here.

{In case you missed it, here are 7 lessons I learned my first year of blogging!}

I’m Finding Myself.

Finding myself has always been something I’ve struggled with, mostly because I’m always being another person. This kids mom, this persons girlfriend, this guys daughter, this girls sister – so on and so forth. I’m finally finding who I, Tori, actually am. I’m finding my bliss, learning what really makes me happy and letting myself be different, beautifully, wonderfully different!


So there, there are 5 ways blogging has impacted my life over the past year. Sure, there are probably 73 other ways, but those are the biggest, most noticeable ones for me.

 So – if you blog, how has blogging changed your life?

And if you don’t blog, why aren’t you!?

How blogging changed my life

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