7 Reasons to Visit a Farmers Market This Summer

visit your local farmers market and fresh coffee

7 Reasons to Visit a Farmers Market This Summer

I discovered my adoration for the farmers market last summer, when we finally hit the “big” one in town. I ended up going home with sunflowers, fresh produce and a fabulous cup of coffee. Oh, and a small obsession with the farmers market.

While we were on vacation we pulled over to stop at a few along the way, it solidified my love. 

Why is the Farmers Market so Fantastic?

1. local farmers market loot in AugustIt’s local. You’re supporting the local people and your community. That itself is a pretty fantastic thing.
2. Freshness! When you think produce, you want fresh, right? Well, what’s fresher than some carrots uprooted from the ground this
morning and still covered in a bit of dirt?
3. Variety. I know so many people who think they’re just going to find the same old things at a farmer’s market. No, I’m probably not going to find a pineapple, but I’ve never found red carrots or rainbow tomatoes at the super market.
4. Flavor. I do not buy honey or maple syrup from the store. It’s disgusting. Growing up we made maple syrup which made me super picky since then. Not just those things though, but you get the real authentic flavor of how food is supposed to taste.
5. Organic. Organic is cool, right? Well, get your fresh, organic foods for far cheaper at the farmer’s market. Big stores mark those puppies up so much to make that mint on your health.
6. It’s Not Just Fruits & Veggies. Farm fresh eggs, milk and meat can also be found at some markets. You can also find soaps, body scrubs, lotions, potions, purses, jewelry, fresh cut flowers and so many awesome things!
7. The People. In general, people are pretty interesting if you take the time to have a good conversation with them. If I learned one thing growing up among farming, it’s that their secrets are no secrets. Many love to talk and share their tips and tricks. How to grow something, recipes and cooking tips, their life story. They’re pretty chatty people in my experience.


Have you been to your local farmers market?7 Reasons You Need to Visit the Farmers Market this Summer

What are some of your fav things to grab there? Feel free to share some of your loot & finds!



  1. I have never been to a farmers market and it is one of the big things I am excited about checking out with my kids this summer! I feel like a lot of it could be a good learning experience for them as well!

    1. Author

      Definitely! You must go, at least once! My kids had so many questions (most which I was luckily able to answer! haha) Plus, for the most part the vendors are happy to chat and have so much information to share.
      One actually let me know they were selling their house, I think that was my favorite quirky moment. But they had all the history of it, so that made it pretty cool.

  2. We love our Farmer’s Markets! Always great finds. I have a huge collection of Olive oils and Vinegar from the markets,

    1. Author

      I don’t recall seeing oils, but now I’m going to look. Winter has had me thinking more about things I wonder if I can find haha. There is always so much awesome stuff though, last year I found a local coffee company that was drip brewing and delicious!

  3. I love farmer’s markets! We have some around us all summer long! I like to go to discover things other than fruits and veggies… So many homemade items that I never even thought about!

    1. Author

      Yess! When I thought about farmer’s markets, I just pictured some carrots and pumpkins or something – there are some I found so many cool things, new products but artisans, foods, crafters, etc.
      Ours is all summer too, from June til October, on the days which also happen to be my days off!

  4. I love the famers market in Kansas City. I love creating memories there. She shopping is great, but the one we have is surrounded by interesting restaurants and it just makes for a great experience all around! I need to plan a trip before baby 2 comes!

    1. Author

      Oh, that is awesome. Ours is just in our police parking lot haha. But I guess about an hour from me there’s our states largest farmer’s market festival or something, I’m hoping to attend that.
      Definitely do!

  5. I love shopping local and farmers markets are definitely the best way to get those fresh, local ingredients! You’re right, organic is definitely a plus!

    1. Author

      They’re my favorites, our local one just announced their opening date, and I am SOOOO excited!

  6. Love love farmers markets! It’s a fun way to get out of the house on the weekends and support local vendors!

    1. Author

      Me too! I finally went to a bunch last summer and cannot wait to discover more this year! Plus the food is soo, so good!

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