Reasons I Love My Job, Why Do You?

          Anybody that’s had a job knows that sometimes working sucks. For reasons ranging from the hours, the people, the job itself. It can be exhausting, stressful, boring or just a terrible place to be. I think any job has these days. Hopefully just days.           Why am I writing this, because today is my final day in my position, and I’m both sad and excited. Sad because for the past year and a half I’ve poured my blood, sweat and tears (literally and regularly) into this position and area of the company, managing my area and building relationships, both working and personal. Excited, becauseRead More →

How to host your own art and wine party

           Even for those of us that don’t love social situations (hello there), a girls night out can be fantastic. Events like: art & wine, paint & sip, cork & canvas, etc. can be super fun. (I mean, art, wine, food… obviously I’m there.)           I recently attended a plant & sip, which instead of painting we planted succulents. I loved it so much, I signed up for the second event they had planned, and it was even better. Each one I attend, I get more and more comfortable and am able to enjoy myself. View this post on Instagram Another successful plant & sipRead More →

Cacti and Succulent Care Guide

Over the past year I’ve developed a slight obsession with cacti and succulents, gathering 11 cacti and 9 succulents to date. Outside of whatever phenomena has caused me to acquire these little guys, one thing keeps my love going – caring for cacti & succulents is sooo easy. Even I and my dreaded black thumb haven’t killed them yet. Okay, that’s a lie, I may have killed one – which I’ll tell you about shortly. With all the cacti love and succy obsession going on lately – I figured I’d give you a quick guide to cactus and succulent care in your cacti wonderland.   Read More →

remember the things that make you happy, 10 things that make me happy

Lexie at Mommy Home Manager recently challenged me to list 10 things that make me happy. I love the idea of this challenge, it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos around us we forget happiness and push aside things that make us, well us. So, here it is, 10 things in no particular order that make me happy! Morning Coffee. Since I wake up and head straight to work, I don’t get to sit down and sip my coffee in the morning. This is a little slice of bliss I love to enjoy before the kids wake up, whether on my porch orRead More →

                Do I sound like a crazy lady if I tell you’ve I’ve been writing blog posts for years, they just never had a blog to belong to? I’ve tried blogging a number of times, it only really worked on out my deviantART page years ago – but I loved it. Writing articles, sharing ideas, things I’ve done, etc. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed, I just didn’t know “how”. But here we are, a year into “steady” blogging, and it’s been a life changer! Here are five big impacts blogging has had and how blogging has changed my life. I Live More Intentionally There’sRead More →

lessons I learned my first year of blogging

In May 2016, on a whim I launched My Blissful Adventure – full of excitement, dreams and delusions! My plan was less than stellar (and not so much a plan at all). I was going to write, about everything. I was going to explore new places and try new things. It was all going to fall into place. I tell myself that lie so much, I actually believe it sometimes. I know that’s not how things worked, but my passion was going to drive me, and that was all I needed. (Note: that’s a new lie.)    I had day dreams of sitting at my deskRead More →

Rocking Motherhood Challenge - 10 ways I'm rocking being a mom

I was going to wait until Mother’s Day to post my Rocking Motherhood Challenge, but I also wanted to be able to tag all of the awesome mamas before Mother’s Day – so, I picked today, boy the younger is now the big 1-0. Excuse me while I go sob, I’ll be back with you in just a minute.   Okay, I’m back. So, to why we’re here. A few weeks ago I was tagged by the Annie over at Life As Annie P in the Rocking Motherhood Challenge. The idea, to encourage mothers to take a look at all the amazing things their doing andRead More →

How to have a fabulous staycation

So, I decided to take my birthweek off work because well, I deserve it! I had no big plans, kids are still in school and my love is still working so I was super excited to have a few days to myself. It’s a rarity, and here’s what I learned on the first two days of staycation: Idle hands get my antsy…. and 3 new cacti I’m not a sit around and do nothing gal. I get bored pretty easily.  It got me thinking, summer is coming and that means vacations for some people and staycations for others! After the first few days, 3 cactiRead More →